Changes to Restrictions

In line with Canberra’s Recovery Plan Easing of Restrictions Roadmap, the ACT will move to Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions at 9am on Wednesday 2 December 2020, subject to the COVID-19 situation remaining stable.

Top level summary of changes

  • If businesses and venues want to have more than 25 people across their venue, they can apply the one person per two square metres of usable space rule in both indoor and outdoor spaces provided they use the Check In CBR app to collect patron contact details. Venues will have until Wednesday 16 December 2020 to register with Check In CBR to meet this requirement.
  • If businesses and venues are not using the Check In CBR app, they must continue to apply the venue capacity rule of one person per four square metres of usable space indoors and one person per two square metres of usable space outdoors.
  • Exemptions may be granted for events and gatherings for up to 8,000 people on application through the COVID Safe Event Protocol. Any gatherings over 500 require an exemption.
  • Large indoor performance venues (with forward-facing and tiered seating, such as theatres and arenas) can have events up to 65% capacity, up to 1,500 people, provided the events are ticketed and seated and a COVID Safe Plan is in place for each event.
  • Enclosed outdoor venues with permanent tiered seating and grandstands can have up to 65% capacity, up to 1,500 people, provided events are ticketed and seated and a COVID Safe Plan is in place for each event.
  • GIO Stadium and Manuka Oval can have up to 65% capacity provided events are ticketed and seated and a COVID Safe Plan is in place for each event.
  • Cinemas and movie theatres can sell up to 65% capacity of each theatre up to 500 people, provided they use the Check in CBR app to collect patron contact details. Otherwise, cinemas and theatres must continue to apply the Step 3.2 provisions of 50% capacity.
  • Patrons must be seated when consuming alcohol in indoor spaces but can stand while eating.

Venue capacity rules

Three venue capacity rules apply:

  • Option 1: 25 people (excluding staff) across the whole venues.
  • Option 2: Where the Check In CBR app is used venues can have one person per two square metres of usable space in each indoor and outdoor space (excluding staff), with a maximum of 500 people for each space.
  • Option 3: Where the Check In CBR app is NOT used venues can have one person per four square metres of usable space in each indoor space and one person per two square metres of usable space in each outdoor space (excluding staff), with a maximum of 500 people for each space.
  • Businesses must not exceed the capacity limit that applies under standard liquor or fire occupancy loading and regulatory conditions of the venue.

Get ready for 1 person per 2 square metres – register for Check In CBR app now!

Register your business or venue now to ensure you can have the system up and running before Wednesday 16 December 2020.

The Check In CBR app is a free, secure and convenient system and it only takes a few moments to register and set up for your business.

What stays the same

All previous requirements under Step 3.2 remain in place, in particular:

  • No limit on household gatherings.
  • All gatherings can have up to 500 people. To hold gatherings greater than 500, an exemption in accordance with the COVID Safe Event Protocol is required.
  • Patrons can stand while eating and drinking in outdoor spaces but must continue to be seated indoors if they are consuming alcohol.
  • No temporary modifications can be made to venues.
  • All venues, facilities and businesses must clearly display occupancy allowance at the entrance to the venue and each individual usable space, where separate spaces exist.
  • Where relevant, specific business categories are required to develop and follow a COVID Safety Plan.
  • For further industry-specific information on restrictions currently in effect, refer to the Business and Work section.

We all need to continue to be responsible

The requirements under the Public Health Directions are not just the responsibility of businesses—they extend to all Canberrans.

We must all be sensible when having people in our homes and put in place our own control measures. This includes knowing who is there and at what times. Download the COVIDSafe app to help do this.

Where required, provide your contact details to venues you visit for contact tracing purposes. Download the Check In CBR app and use it at participating venues across Canberra.

We will maintain our best lines of defence against the disease by physically distancing, practising good hand and respiratory hygiene, staying home if unwell and getting tested if we have symptoms.

These principles have not changed and are the best way to keep our community safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Last Updated: November 27 2020