Entering the ACT

Entry to the ACT may depend on where you have been before arriving in the ACT and if you have been in a COVID-19 area of concern. If you are travelling, regularly check the public health advice in the state or territory you are visiting or travelling from.

Whenever you travel, monitor for symptoms for at least 14 days, get tested with even mild symptoms and keep checking for updates about where you have been.

When in the ACT, follow COVID-safe practices and use the Check In CBR App at venues to support contract tracing while in the ACT.

Entering the ACT

Rules and restrictions for entry to ACT apply when an COVID-19 areas of concern notice identifies affected areas and places of concern.

JurisdictionStatus Date updated
New South Wales A COVID-19 areas of concern notice has been issued. Check for details 25 Jul 2021 12:44pm
Victoria A COVID-19 areas of concern notice has been issued. Check for details 25 Jul 2021 12:39pm
Queensland A COVID-19 areas of concern notice has been issued. Check for details 25 Jul 2021 12:47pm
South Australia A COVID-19 areas of concern notice has been issued. Check for details 25 Jul 2021 12:49pm
Northern Territory No restrictions
Tasmania No restrictions
Western Australia No restrictions
Jervis Bay No restrictions
New Zealand No restrictions
Flights No restrictions

Transiting and travel for ACT border residents

If you are transiting through an area under stay-at-home or watch and assess requirements and entering the ACT, transiting through the ACT, or if you are an ACT border resident a standing exemption may apply. For more information, please visit the standing exemptions page.

Declaration and exemption forms

The online declaration and exemption forms for entering the ACT are available here.

Face masks for air travel

Face masks are mandatory for people aged over 12 while inside the Canberra Airport terminal and during domestic commercial flights in and out of Canberra.

If you are transiting through other states or territories to reach the ACT, you must check the advice from that state or territory.

For more information on wearing a mask see the protect yourself page.

Entering the ACT from overseas

From New Zealand

Under an exemption to the Returned Travellers Public Health Direction, travellers can travel from New Zealand to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) without the need to enter mandatory quarantine, provided they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and can meet the requirements of the Commonwealth government’s Australian Travel Declaration.

At the time of departure from New Zealand, travellers must not be subject to any quarantine, isolation or stay-at-home conditions under New Zealand public health requirements, as listed on the New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

In addition, if after entering the ACT a traveller becomes affected by a COVID-19 Areas of Concern Notice, they must comply with all requirements outlined in the Notice.  There are currently no direct flights from New Zealand to the ACT.  All travellers arriving to Australia from New Zealand will be subject to the conditions of entry of the state or territory they arrive in, which may differ between jurisdictions.

Travellers from New Zealand arriving into another state or territory can travel freely to the ACT, provided there are no travel or border restrictions in place between the ACT and that jurisdiction.

There is additional information available for travellers arriving from New Zealand on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.

Antarctic Expeditioners and Crew entering Australia

Travel from Antarctica to the ACT is considered overseas travel, and therefore travellers entering the ACT are captured under the ACT Public Health (Returned Travellers) Emergency Direction 2020. This Public Health Direction requires returning travellers to enter into a mandatory 14 day quarantine period upon entry to the ACT, unless an exemption has been granted.

On 1 December 2020, the ACT Chief Health Officer signed a class exemption permitting expeditioners and crew from the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) to enter the ACT without the requirement to undertake a mandatory 14 day quarantine period. The class exemption applies to expeditioners and crew who have been based at AAD stations operated by the Australian Government, including Casey, Davis and Mawson stations. It also applies to crew members of a flight or ship which travelled to these Stations. The Exemption applies only to international arrivals who have returned to Australia directly from these bases.

Exempted AAD expeditioners and crew must not enter the ACT if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Should any exempted AAD expeditioner or crew member develop symptoms of COVID-19 whilst in the ACT, they must:

  • immediately get tested for COVID-19
  • self-isolate until informed that the test result has returned a negative result.

The standing exemption can be found here.

From all other countries

Only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel back to Australia.

All travellers returning home from overseas are quarantined at their arrival port in a designated facility like a hotel for 14 days.

For more information about quarantine for incoming travellers visit the Australian Department of Health website

There are currently no booked international flights into Canberra, however when an international flight to the ACT is arranged, details about quarantine arrangements, including costs associated with hotel quarantine will be made available on our website for these passengers.

You should also contact the Embassy/High Commission of the Country you are currently in for the most up to date information about flights.

Can I apply for an exemption to quarantine?

You may apply for an exemption to hotel quarantine on compassionate or medical grounds. The circumstances of each application will be carefully considered to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the community or the health system.

To apply for an exemption, please email COVID.Exemptions@act.gov.au. This email should include who you are, where you are currently undertaking quarantine, the reasons for requesting an exemption, where you propose to stay for the remainder of your quarantine period, and how you plan to get there.

If your exemption request involves leaving the ACT to quarantine in another Australian state or territory, you will also need to seek an exemption from the jurisdiction you intend to travel to.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Last Updated: July 23 2021