Preparing for your COVID-19 vaccination

Have you recently travelled interstate?

Provided that you’re feeling well and you’re not in isolation or quarantine, you can still attend your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

If you’re subject to the ACT Government’s new ‘stay-at-home’ requirements, you can attend your COVID-19 vaccination appointment if you’re not in isolation or in quarantine and feeling well.

Book in for your COVID-19 vaccination

We are currently vaccinating all people in phase 1a, 1b, people aged 40 years and over, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 16 years and over. Eligible people can now book an appointment online or by calling us.

If you’re booked in at an ACT Government COVID-19 vaccination clinic, but cannot make it, please cancel or reschedule using MyDHR or by filling in the appointment cancellation form.

Register for a COVID-19 vaccination

Canberrans aged between 30-39 years can register for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at an ACT Government clinic by signing up to MyDHR and answering the eligibility questionnaire. If you’re unable to register online, call the COVID-19 vaccine booking line on (02) 5124 7700. Once registered, you’ll be sent a notification when appointments become available.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary and free for everyone in Australia, even if you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. This includes people without a Medicare card, overseas visitors, international students, migrant workers and asylum seekers.

As with all vaccines, you need to give your informed consent before each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Informed consent means that you have been given information about the benefits and risks of the specific vaccine you are going to receive, and you agree for the immunisation provider to give you the vaccine.

To make sure you provide informed consent for the COVID-19 vaccine, please read the following information from the Australian Government Department of Health before your vaccination appointment.

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination

Please ensure you wait at least 7 days (previously 14) between receiving a dose of any vaccination, like the flu vaccine, before you get  a COVID-19 vaccine. This is a precautionary recommendation that allows for proper safety and monitoring of vaccines. Read the latest advice on the timing between the COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines.

On the day of vaccination

  • Arrive to check in 10-15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Bring your Medicare card, if you have one.
  • Try and avoid bringing friends or family members to the appointment, if possible. The clinic has limited waiting room space.

If you are booked in to get the vaccine at an ACT Government clinic, but cannot make it to your appointment, please cancel or reschedule using MyDHR or the appointment cancellation form.

After your vaccination

After your vaccination, you are required to stay in the clinic and be supervised for at least 15 minutes to ensure you have no reactions.

You will be invited to scan a QR code to enrol into AusVaxSafety - Australia’s active vaccine safety system.

If you agree, you will be asked to participate in a quick survey via a text to inform the vaccine safety monitoring program.

Use the COVID-19 vaccine side effects symptom checker if you have concerns about any symptoms after your vaccine. The checker is also available through the National Coronavirus Helpline, 1800 020 080, 24 hours a day.

Visit the What happens after I am vaccinated for COVID-19 page on the Australian Government Department of Health website for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question on COVID-19 vaccines? Please see our COVID-19 vaccine frequently asked questions page.

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Last Updated: July 21 2021