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Factsheet – Quarantine fees

International travellers entering the ACT

All international travellers flying into Canberra Airport from overseas must undergo mandatory hotel quarantine in Canberra on arrival for 14 days. You can find more information on hotel quarantine in the factsheet provided to you upon arrival.

Information about quarantine fees

The ACT Government will be charging all returning international travellers for their hotel quarantine from Wednesday, 5 August 2020.

Mandatory quarantine is needed to stop the spread of COVID-19 in ACT.

The quarantine fee will reduce the financial burden of COVID-19 on ACT taxpayers. The total fee will help repay the government for the cost of providing the quarantine to you. This includes accommodation, transport, wellbeing support, PPE, screening, and testing. A budget for groceries and meals is also included in the quarantine fee (see further information below)

Does the quarantine fee apply to me?

The quarantine fee applies to all international travellers flying into the ACT from overseas after Wednesday, 5 August 2020.

How much will I be charged?

The quarantine accommodation fee is a fixed cost which includes a meal budget, room costs and other associated costs.

  1. The following fees (quarantine fees) are payable in relation to a person required to quarantine for the standard quarantine period:
    1. for an adult (a person aged 18 years and over) not in a family group—$3,000;
    2. for a family group—
      1. (i) $3,000 for the first adult; and
      2. (ii) $1,000 for each additional adult; and
      3. (iii) $500 for each child aged three years or older.

For example

  • a family of two adults and two children, over the age of three, in one room would pay $5,000.
  • a family of two adults and four children over the age of three would pay $6,000.

All charges are in Australian dollars.

Fees apply to all international passengers including Australian Citizens and Australian permanent residents in quarantine accommodation.

Is food included in the quarantine fee?

A budget for meals is included in the fee, as follows:

  • Deliveroo vouchers
Family Group Size (persons)One off Voucher
1 $60.00
2 $75.00
3 $85.00
4 $95.00
5 $110.00
6 $120.00
  • Grocery vouchers (via Red Baron)
Family Group Size (persons)14-day budget
1 $280.00
2 $330.00


4 $410.00
5 $460.00
6 $510.00

In addition, an initial welcome box is provided to each room with some essential grocery items. The vouchers above enable individuals to place orders and have grocery items and meals delivered.

Once this budget is exhausted, individuals will need to cover the costs of any additional grocery items.

How will I be invoiced?

After you check out of quarantine, you will receive an invoice from us.

This will be sent to you by email or post.

You will have 30 days to pay the invoice and the due date will be stated on the invoice.

How can I pay?

You have the following options and further details are provided on your invoice related to cheque and direct deposit payments.

For further information contact the Shared Services team on (+612) 6207 9990.

What if I find it difficult to pay?

Once you have received your invoice, please contact the Shared Services team on (+612) 6207 9990 as soon as possible if you think you will have difficulty paying the fee by the due date.

We can, on a case by case basis, grant an extension of time for payment and can assist you to establish a suitable payment plan.

When you contact us please have your invoice number at hand.

What if I don’t think I can pay at all?

If an agreed payment extension plan is not affordable, please contact us. We will work with you to determine your capacity to pay the fees. This involves our team asking you questions about your financial and personal circumstances that may affect your ability to pay.

You will be required to provide supporting evidence of your financial circumstances. We will work with you on options to resolve your fees if you claim hardship.

Financial hardship

You may be eligible for a fee waiver under the grounds of financial hardship if an extension or payment plan will not significantly improve your ability to pay.

Eligibility is assessed against criteria including, but not exclusive to:

  • an inability to meet current financial obligations (e.g. home loan, immediate living expenses); and
  • lack of accessible savings; and
  • low income due to, for example, unemployment or loss of a business.

If applying under this category you will be asked to provide a statement of reasons for your request as well as supporting information and evidence to allow for an assessment of financial hardship. The information and evidence required would generally be needed to verify:

  • identity, residency and household composition;
  • household income, expenses and savings; and
  • any other relevant factors regarding your individual circumstances.

However, specific information requirements may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Need help?

You can get help from a financial counsellor by contacting the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.

Financial counsellors provide free, independent and confidential advice to help you manage your debts or negotiate with creditors.

Unlike financial planners or advisors, they don't provide investment advice or recommend products, and they don't receive commissions.

The National Debt Helpline website also has step-by-step guides and useful information on how to deal with specific types of debts.

Where can I get further information?

You can find further information about travel in the ACT at the travel section of this website and more information on hotel quarantine can be found in the factsheet provided to you upon arrival.

If you have further questions about the quarantine fee, please contact Shared Services on (+612) 6207 9990. For translation and interpreter services, please call 131 450.

If you have concerns or complaints about your quarantine accommodation, please contact the reception desk of your accommodation facility.

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