Frequently asked questions

Do I need an exemption to receive support with medical care or disability support if I am in quarantine?

No, these are essential services so you can continue to be provided these during quarantine by your service providers. Your service providers need to follow and strictly adhere to infection prevention and control procedures.

What are the infection prevention and control procedures that support workers need to follow when providing care?

Providers can refer to detailed information about infection prevention control and PPE use on the ACT Health website for Non-Government Community, Disability and Health Service Providers. In general, anybody providing close care or coming into contact with the surroundings of someone in quarantine needs to use contact and droplet precautions.

What are contact and droplet precautions?

Contact and droplet precautions refer to specific types of PPE that are used to prevent transmission of pathogens that are spread via direct contact or via droplets; this includes COVID-19. Contact and droplet precautions includes wearing a full-length impermeable gown, disposable gloves, a surgical mask, and goggles.

Do staff need to quarantine after providing care?

No, provided they follow infection prevention and control procedures and there are no mistakes with their PPE use. If there is a mistake with their PPE use, they should let ACT Health know and ACT Health will provide them with further advice.

Is it okay for a person in quarantine to be taken by a support worker to get tested?

Yes, a support worker can drive a client to one of the testing centres in the ACT provided they both wear a mask and the passenger sits in the back seat.

I have questions about how to safely deliver care to someone in quarantine, who should I call?

Please call 02 6207 7244 and ask to be put through to ACT Health for advice.

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Last Updated: April 20 2021