Public Health (COVID-19 Management) Declaration

The ACT’s COVID-19 Management Declaration was lifted on 28 February 2023.

This is a planned step in our ongoing public health response to COVID-19 as we transition to managing COVID-19 outside of emergency arrangements.

The COVID-19 Management Declaration Framework, under Part 6C of the Public Health Act 1997 helps to manage the public health risks of COVID-19.

When in place, the Framework allows targeted public health measures to be put in place to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to Canberrans, particularly if they are at higher risk of severe disease.

When activated, the Framework allows the following types of Directions to be issued:

  • ACT Chief Health Officer Directions – these can be implemented by the ACT Chief Health Officer to require that COVID-19 testing occur and certain groups of people (e.g., COVID-19 diagnosed persons and household contacts) quarantine or isolate for certain periods of time.
  • Ministerial Directions – these can be implemented by the Minister for Health to require that certain public health social measures be met (e.g., preventing or limiting entry into the ACT, regulating high-risk activities, and requiring that personal protective equipment like face masks be worn in certain circumstances).
  • Vaccination Directions – these can be implemented by the Executive (i.e., the Chief Minister and the Minister for Health) to require that certain groups of people be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Human Rights Compatibility Statement

When issuing or extending directions under a COVID-19 Management Declaration, the responsible party must give public notice about how the direction is consistent with human rights.

Human rights compatibility statements are provided here when there are directions in place.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Last Updated: March 01 2023