12 August 2020

ACT residents will have a brief window of opportunity over the next few days to leave Victoria to travel to the ACT.

The NSW Government is allowing ACT residents with an Entry Authorisation Certificate issued by the ACT Chief Health Officer to cross the border at Wodonga at 9am each day from 13 - 17 August inclusive.

Returning ACT residents do not require a NSW permit to return to the ACT. All they will need is a valid ACT exemption to be allowed through the border control point.

They must pass through the border checkpoint between 9am and 11:30am to ensure they have sufficient time to arrive back in the ACT before 3:00pm. Returnees will be told to come back the following day if they try and pass through the border checkpoint after 11:30am.

Residents will need to travel directly to the ACT along the Hume Highway, arriving at a joint ACT Health/ACT Police reception centre at Hall by 3pm on the same day.

Residents must travel from the Wodonga border directly to the ACT, travelling along the Hume Highway. You may stop at Gundagai McDonalds at 143 Mount Street (extra cleaning staff are on site).

They must refuel in Victoria and ensure that their vehicle has sufficient petrol to travel to the ACT without refuelling.

When they reach the ACT, they will need to attend the ACT Government’s reception centre, off the Barton Highway at Victoria Street, Hall. Signage will be there to guide travellers. ACT and NSW Policing will be in attendance to ensure residents have arrived safely and to offer any support needed. They will then be able to proceed directly to their place of residence for their period of quarantine.

ACT Residents must apply to ACT Health for an Entry Authorisation Certificate through the online notification process.

Only those people with an Entry Authorisation Certificate will be allowed to drive into NSW and the ACT under this agreement.

After 17 August 2020, no ACT residents will be allowed through the border by road and the ACT Government will not issue any more exemptions to drive to the ACT while the border remains closed.

From 17 August, all ACT residents seeking to enter the ACT from Victoria will need to do so by air.