03 June 2021

New exposure locations in southern NSW

ACT Health is advising of a number of new COVID-19 close and casual exposure locations in southern New South Wales (NSW) that are connected to confirmed cases of COVID-19 from Melbourne.

NSW is now reporting exposure locations in Jervis Bay, Vincentia, Huskisson, Goulburn and Gundagai, which were visited between 19-24 May 2021.

People in the ACT who have visited these locations during this period must check the COVID-19 Areas of Concern information to see if they visited these locations in the dates and times specified. Exposure locations are updated regularly as new cases emerge.

People who have attended a close contact exposure location must:

  • contact ACT Health on (02) 5124 6209 (between 8am and 6pm)
  • complete an online declaration form
  • get tested for COVID-19
  • quarantine immediately for 14 days from the date they were last in the exposure location even if they get a negative test result.

ACT residents who visited one of these exposure locations and who are not currently in the ACT should follow the advice of the jurisdiction they are in. If they must return to the ACT, they may need to seek an exemption to leave quarantine from the jurisdiction you are in. ACT Health is also asking ACT residents who are not in the ACT to seek an exemption from ACT Health prior to entering the ACT, so that we can assist you with your safe return to the ACT. Quarantine requirements will apply.

Non-ACT residents who are planning to come to the ACT and have visited any of the NSW exposure locations during the dates and times specified, cannot enter the ACT without an approved exemption prior to arrival. The exemption form is available here. Quarantine requirements will also apply.

People who have been to a casual contact exposure location must:

  • contact ACT Health on (02) 5124 6209 (between 8am and 6pm)
  • complete an online declaration form
  • get tested as advised by an ACT Health staff member
  • isolate until they receive a negative test result
  • continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days from the date they were in the exposure locations and get re-tested if they do develop any symptoms, no matter how mild.

VIC stay-at-home requirement extended

The ACT Government will extend the ‘stay-at-home’ requirement for Victoria (VIC) for another seven days, until 11.59pm, Thursday 10 June 2021.

This means those people currently under the stay-at-home order will need to continue to follow these requirements while they are in place, as well as anyone leaving VIC and entering the ACT.

Although the Victorian Government will remove stay-at-home requirement for regional Victoria, the ACT will not be easing the current restrictions for people who have been in these regional areas at this time. The Victorian Government has implemented tight gathering restrictions and other public health measures across Regional Victoria to mitigate the risk of community transmission in this area. The ACT does not have these restrictions in place and therefore maintaining the stay-at-home requirement provides the community with additional protections. The ACT will not be tightening its restrictions in relation to gatherings and business activity.

With the extension of stay-at-home requirement, ACT residents leaving Victoria to enter the ACT need to:

  • Complete an online declaration form within 24 hours prior to arriving in the ACT.
  • Travel directly to the residence where you will spend the stay-at-home period. You should only leave the residence for an approved essential purpose.
  • Everyone aged 12 years and over must wear a mask if leaving their premises for any of these essential purposes.  Mask wearing is not required if undertaking vigorous exercise outdoors.

Non-ACT residents who are planning to come to the ACT from Victoria cannot enter without an approved exemption prior to arrival. The exemption form is available here. Stay-at-home requirements will apply.

The ACT Government’s approved essential purposes for leaving home during the stay-at-home period are:

  • To undertake essential work or study if you cannot work or study from home or remotely.
  • To shop for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies.
  • To attend to medical or health care needs including compassionate requirements, looking after the vulnerable.
  • To attend a facility to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, where the person is eligible for a vaccination in the ACT, an appointment has been booked, and the person is not in isolation or in quarantine.
  • To exercise outdoors, limited to one hour per day.
  • For essential animal welfare purposes (e.g. to feed pets or livestock that live elsewhere).

This situation in NSW and VIC is continuing to evolve. We are monitoring what is happening in these jurisdictions closely and will keep the community informed.

We ask all Canberrans, in particular those who have recently been interstate, to check the ACT COVID-19 website regularly and keep up to date.