08 September 2020

There have been no new cases of COVID-19 recorded in the ACT in the past 24 hours, leaving the ACT’s total at 113. There are no active cases in the ACT.

A total of 110 cases have recovered from COVID-19 in the ACT.

There are no COVID-19 patients in Canberra hospitals.

The ACT has recorded three (3) deaths.

The number of negative tests recorded in the ACT is now 84,122.

Hay fever and Asthma during spring 

As the weather warms up and the trees and flowers begin to blossom in the Canberra spring, we also see an increase in the number of people exhibiting the symptoms of hay fever and asthma. Some COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to those experienced by hay fever and asthma sufferers, so it is important to have a plan in place.

If you are a hay fever sufferer, see your GP at the beginning of spring to discuss a management plan. This can include how to prevent and manage your symptoms, and when you might need to get tested if you experience COVID-19 symptoms. If you have asthma, ensure your asthma action plan has been recently reviewed by your GP and discuss when you might need to get tested for COVID-19 if you develop symptoms. Having a management plan in place with your GP for existing conditions will help you identify any symptoms not usually associated with your asthma or hay fever.

If you are managing your hay fever or asthma but are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, especially fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath, you should get tested. If you are unsure if your symptoms are related to hay fever or asthma, self-isolate until you are able to seek medical advice.

More information can be found on the COVID-19 and hay fever page on the website.

General information

ACT Health reminds anyone who has been outside the ACT to monitor the health website of the jurisdiction they visited for updates on where confirmed cases have spent time and where other alerts may be in place. Please adhere to the health advice on those websites. In particular, take note of the latest areas in Queensland and NSW.

Likewise, if you intend on travelling, please monitor the other jurisdiction’s website. The advice on affected areas is changing regularly, so keep up to date with the latest advice. Please be mindful and aware of how easily the virus spreads.

ACT residents who are returning from Victoria by air must continue to advise ACT Health before their arrival, preferably at least 72 hours before the intended travel date, and immediately quarantine for 14 days.

It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the health advice and do what we can to ensure we keep ourselves and the community safe. We continue to ask Canberrans to:

  • Avoid large crowds
  • Keep 1.5 metres apart whenever possible
  • Continue good hand and respiratory hygiene and
  • Stay home if you are unwell and get tested if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

The ACT Government has a dedicated COVID-19 website for all information about the health and economic response to the pandemic in the ACT. For further information visit www.covid19.act.gov.au.

The ACT Government also has a helpline to assist Canberrans through the challenges of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Helpline is (02) 6207 7244 and is available between 8am and 8pm daily.