Queensland (QLD)

Page last updated: 15/01/2021

If travel advice changes, you may need to cancel or amend your travel plans on short notice.

Make sure you’re aware of general advice when you are travelling.

Information about the COVID-19 affected area of Greater Brisbane

From 2pm on Monday 11 January 2021, Greater Brisbane is no longer considered a COVID-19 affected area.

ACT residents and non-ACT residents who have been in Greater Brisbane on or after 2 January 2021 will no longer be required to quarantine in the ACT.

Those who are currently in quarantine will be informed of this change via SMS.

Those leaving quarantine must still monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested if symptoms develop.

People travelling to the ACT from Greater Brisbane no longer need to declare their travel or apply for an exemption.

Those coming out of quarantine or who have been in Brisbane during this time should check the Queensland Health website daily.

If you are identified as a close contact by Queensland Health or you have been to any one of the contact tracing locations, you need to follow Queensland Health’s advice immediately and contact ACT Health on (02) 6207 7244.

This is essential to minimise the risk of seeding of the virus to the ACT

COVID-19 affected areas of Queensland

There are currently no COVID-19 affected areas in Queensland.

However, Greater Brisbane is still considered a geographical area of risk for those visiting or working in high-risk settings (like aged care or healthcare facilities).

Travelling from the ACT to QLD

Currently, ACT residents can travel to Queensland.

It is your responsibility to understand the travel restrictions Queensland has in place, including for those transiting through NSW.

You may need to declare your travel or quarantine.

To find out if you need to declare your travel, apply for border passes, or quarantine when you arrive, visit the Queensland Government’s website.

Travelling from QLD to the ACT

Currently, Queensland residents and those travelling from Queensland can travel to the ACT without declaring your travel or quarantining.

If you are transiting through other states or territories to reach the ACT, you must check the advice from that state or territory.

If you need to return to Queensland, please visit the Queensland Health website for the latest travel advice.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Last Updated: January 15 2021