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Canberra’s Recovery Plan: Easing of Restrictions

Canberra’s Recovery Plan: Easing of Restrictions Roadmap outlines the plan for easing of restrictions, pending the COVID-19 situation in the ACT and other jurisdictions in Australia.

Previous Easing of Restrictions Roadmaps

Current position

Stage 4 of Canberra’s Recovery plan came into effect at 9am on Wednesday 2 December 2020. To find out more check the What You Can Do page and the Business and Work section.

Overview of recovery stages

The ACT’s COVID-19 road maps provide Canberrans with a guide to when and how the Government plans to ease restrictions that were put in place in early 2020 to limit the spread of coronavirus in our community.

Easing restrictions will continue to happen in a gradual way that will enable us to carefully monitor the situation in the ACT and move towards a COVID-normal situation.

Stage 1 – Important small first steps to help families and friends reconnect. For details on Stage 1 easing of restrictions that have been implemented, view the Easing of Restrictions Roadmap 26 May 2020.

Stage 2 – A two-step process that saw slightly larger gatherings and more businesses, services and community activities reopen. For details on Stage 2 easing of restrictions that have been implemented, view the Easing of Restrictions Roadmap 26 May 2020.

Stage 3 – A two-step process seeing minor changes to restrictions to enable business and activities to recommence under strict COVID guidelines. For details on Stage 3 easing of restrictions, view the Easing of Restrictions Roadmap 9 October 2020.

Stage 4Currently in effect. Further easing of restrictions to enable businesses to increase capacity. From Friday 11 December 2020, nightclubs can reopen and operate in accordance with the conditions in place for licensed venues. For details on Stage 4, view the Easing of Restrictions Roadmap 9 December 2020 .

Any further easing of restrictions will be considered in February 2021.

Check points for easing of restrictions

The nature of COVID-19 means that we must remain flexible and readily able to respond to the changing circumstances of the pandemic.

That’s why there will be a number of Public Health Risk Assessments (check points) along the way, so that each stage of the easing of restrictions can be assessed before moving to the next, ensuring the health and safety of our community.

Public Health Risk Assessment (Check Point) Reports

Canberra’s Recovery Plan: Community Recovery Roadmap

The Canberra community has been hit hard in 2020 by smoke, bushfires, hail and now COVID-19. This has impacted our wellbeing in different ways, with the highest impacts felt by our young people, those experiencing social isolation, and those who have lost their jobs. The ACT Government, with our community partners, has responded immediately to deliver practical and meaningful support to Canberrans when they need it most. The Phase 1 snapshot in the Roadmap shows a range of continuing measures to promote wellbeing, support communities and reduce cost of living pressures.

Now in Phase 2 we will continue to engage with community and community sector partners to establish the foundation for recovery and then build resilience into the future as part of Phase 3. The ACT Wellbeing Framework will help us measure outcomes and understand the impacts of COVID-19  and how the community is recovering. Through recovery and beyond we will strive to be a more inclusive community where all Canberrans feel they belong, are valued and can contribute.


Phase 1: Immediate community sector responses

The government responded quickly with practical and meaningful support for the community. Complemented by grass-roots, community-led activity.

For more information on current support measures go to our supporting the community sector page.

Phase 2: Establishing a foundation for recovery

Working with community and our community partners to understand the needs of those most impacted through the events of 2020 and delivering on a vision for a connected, inclusive and valued community.

For more information on connecting in your community or neighbourhood, visit Connect in Canberra.

Phase 3: Building resilience into the future

Ongoing recovery measures that deliver support, provide certainty and promote longer term Community Recovery.

For information on current community services information, head to the Community Service Directorate website.

Canberra's Recovery Plan: Economic Recovery Roadmap

The Canberra economy has been hit hard by a year of bushfires, hail and now COVID-19. The government has moved quickly to target practical and meaningful relief and recovery measures to those businesses who need it most.

We are creating opportunities to keep Canberrans in work through the fast track upgrades in our suburbs and community facilities and through the Jobs for Canberrans Fund. The ACT Government will continue to work with and be informed by business and industry, provide certainty, and build confidence to ensure a strong recovery.


For more information on Economic Survival and Recovery measures, visit the Economic Survival page.

COVID-19 helpline 0262077244

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Last Updated: January 25 2021